I just bought a new blend-tec blender! I’ve been wanting a professional blender (ie. Vita-mix or blend-tec for years…I’ve bought so many blenders that have died on me in the mean time, I’ve probably spent almost as much on them together as on this one.)

And it just arrived in the mail today! Isn’t it pretty?! So excited! I can’t wait to make tons of “green” smoothies and other things with it!

What are/What is your favorite recipe(s) using a Blend-tec or Vita-mix? To celebrate, link them up here! This is my first linkys so bear with  me!

PS. Thank you for all the nice comments you sent in response to my last post. I’m still thinking about the name and such, but for now it’s just going to stay the way it is. Except, I did change the background/template. What do you think? I may still fool around with it some more, but I think it’s better than before.


Anyway, celebrate with me and post your favorite Vita-mix or Blend-tec recipes here! 🙂

<img border=”0″ src=”″>


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