Saving Money and Heading Back to School

I’m headed back to school. Most college kids have already started (my sister included) but we start late…it’s nice because then I get to work longer and enjoy the summer more.

But as I head back to school, I’m even more focused on saving money.

For example, I posted messages online on my schools “Bulletin Board” and ended up saving myself 50% of the cost to go from the airport to school (a 4-5 hour drive) by taking a ride from some other students versus paying a shuttle company.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t give me my money back since I’d already booked but I can use it another time in the next 6 months…and I’m sure I’ll need it. So I’ll just save now and use it when I need a stress-free easy option in the future.

I’m also trying to save money in as many other ways I can. I’m thinking about setting a cash amount to spend at the grocery store and only bringing that cash so I can’t spend more than I have….only hopefully less.

While waiting around the airport, I found an article in Shop Smart Magazine, a magazine I’ve never seen before but I enjoyed browsing. I jotted down some notes I found helpful about saving paper and especially ink when you are printing. Who couldn’t use some help with that? Seriously, ink’s expensive! 🙂 And if you’re like me, you probably go through a bunch. Whether you’re printing tons of papers for school as a college student, or just print a lot of recipes, or information in general, here are some tips for you extracted from the Shop Smart Magazine September 2010 issue. Some of this is quoted and some is paraphrased. I’m not sure which are which since I just rushed to write this down but hopefully you’ll understand this is from them, and not my own ideas. 🙂

  1. Try a different font! Engineers discovered in testing that they were able to print 27% more pages with Times New Roman than with Arial in the same size 12 font.
Here’s a list of a few of the major fonts and how many pages (and how much longer your ink would last—more pages of text, not just paper)
Font:                      Pages per cartidge
Times New Roman             419
Calibri                               395
Arial                                  305
Tahoma                             291
Fraklin Gothic Medium        286
Verdana                             276
2. Print in draft mode if you don’t need graphics. Thought there will be slightly less quality, it will still be readable. And you will use about 50% less ink!
3. Ever have a web page with a bunch of extra info or images etc you don’t want? Or you end up with a blank page with just the web address on it? There are options to help (besides cut and paste). Try GreenPrint ( Or look for the free add on’s for internet explorer and firefox from hp and canon. To get to HP’s add on, go to and search “web page printing”.  For canon, go to
4. To save on paper, print double sided
I hope this helps! I certainly helped me.
More to come!

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  1. Kim

    I randomly came upon your blog (through another one) and read this post and thought you might find this interesting. <<this typeface has holes in it (that you can't see when you print it) and can save you a ton on ink costs as well. There are many studies you can look at on the website as well. Hope this helps 🙂

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