Funny Face Salad

(My funny face: tomatoes, eggs,and turkey).              BB’s (carrot “hair”,cheese, cucumber, tomato, ham)

Here’s a simple, frugal, nourishing meal.

Funny Face Salad

BB (Baby Brother) loves salad, vegetables, and fruit! 🙂 (Although he also loves cookies, etc.) but, hey, we are happy that he loves good stuff too. And who doesn’t love cookies? I do…..just not what he likes. 😉

Anyway, BB requests funny face salad for his birthday every year. It’s a pretty simple concept, I think we found it from Family Fun Magazine one year.

So, all you do, is lay out your lettuce and then use your vegetables/meat/cheese/etc as you wish to make a “Funny Face” salad and then you eat! 🙂 It’s fun and a good way to get kids excited about eating healthy! 🙂 Besides, it can be adapted to whatever your food allergies/intolerances/diets may be! 🙂

So go to town! My whole family loves this dinner. Even my picky-16 year old brother–that doesn’t normally eat any fruits/veggies 😦 likes/will eat this. 🙂

Hope you enjoy this and watch out for more posts soon to come! 😉 \

PS. What do you do to feed your family frugally and nourish them at the same time? How do you get them excited about eating healthy? 🙂


  1. Very cute 🙂

    ~Aubree Cherie

  2. Tes

    These plates make happy and hungry. Thanks for sharing.


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