The CUTEST little frugalist you ever did see! :) A must read. :)

ScottandMe and ward talent show 044

This is my littlest brother. Baby brother is not a baby anymore, but he will always be my littlest baby brother to me. 🙂 He is a doll! I’ve wanted to share photos of him with you in the past, but I haven’t ever done it. When I took this one and thought of why I took it, I couldn’t resist.


Baby brother (BB) has become quite the little “frugality rich” man on his own of late! He is constantly scavenging things others would consider, well, garbage. 🙂 He must take after me. (I went “dumpster” [hall trash cans] diving in my junior and senior years of high school at the end of the year when the teachers would put those huge trash cans in the halls for kids to clean out their lockers. I wasn’t afraid to go through them and was quite pleased with what I found! I saved my family (we have a bunch of kiddos) lots of money for the future with the items I found. We are still using the almost new binders, notebooks, paper, pens, etc that I rescued those seemingly forever (though not truly) long years ago.  Among my finds were also two brand new looking winter coats! and a nice, expensive Jan Sport backpack along with many other such finds. I always enjoyed in being able to save money and especially being able to save money for my family too! :))


Anyways, back to the story behind this photo:

The pink pig in BB’s hand is the love of his life (of late). BB named him “Piggers”.
In our family dictionary under BB and piggers it says:
Piggers is the broken in half piggy bank BB rescued from the trash after Ari’s sister broke it open to get the money out. Now "Piggers" is BB’s pride and joy and he even had a birthday celebration last week with homemade invites and everything. That is when "Piggers" received the numerous stickers and around the same time that "Piggers" received a second layer of tape. This time he used the good stuff. (Duck tape.) It’s been about two weeks since "Piggers" joined the family and though mom said "Piggers" must say on his dresser, "Piggers" comes down from the dresser frequently for hugs from BB and special occasions like "Piggers" birthday party last week. 🙂

Looks like we are both frugally rich! 🙂


PS. Don’t worry! There will be more recipe posts too soon, but I thought I should have more “frugal” posts once in a while and thought this was a perfect opportunity! 🙂


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