Another Elimination Diet Update and A General Call for HELP and IDEAS (including: Do you have any of these health problems?)

Hello everyone. I’m afraid this time I haven’t done so well with my elimination diet. I got really stressed out and concerned I wasn’t eating enough variety and then the thought of trying to just restrict myself to GF-DF-RSF (refined sugar-free) again (but with more variety then I was eating) stressed me out and I ate however I wanted today. That’s right. Totally off the bandwagon. I ate gluten (white flour even!), sugar! (what’s wrong with me!?), dairy. yadda yadda yadda I was surprised to find though at least that the French bread we had for dinner didn’t even taste that great to me (a big change for someone who used to love French bread) and bread in general. Anyways, I totally blew it today and I’m now paying for it.

  And I don’t know what to do. I’m concerned because I have (previous to today and my big binge on everything and anything BAD) just been eating brown rice, lentils, mangoes, applesauce, and maybe yams. That’s it! I’m worried about getting the nutrition I need and I keep adding in things one by one daily but I’m still concerned.

   I’m also having a lot of problems with my fibromyalgia (which I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before on this site.) Yes, I have fibro. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago or less but suspect I showed signs of it since early childhood. I have been really sore and tired and sick of being sore and tired!

   I also learned that IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which I also have, is common with fibro. As is these symptoms (all of which I have and or take meds for) anxiety/depression, gastritis,  plantar fasciitis, back/neck pain/problems, heartburn, fogginess, not being able to concentrate, headaches, etc. I’m trying to learn more about these connections and what I can do to help them all. (I ordered this book from Amazon via a suggestion from one of my fabulous readers who also has fibro) and am waiting anxiously for it to come.

    Anyways, I am really struggling with stomach pain and knowing what to eat (as those few foods above seem to be the only ones I can handle), the fibro and fatigue, etc. I was wondering if any of you had any helpful suggestions on what I can do? I am thinking of just going back to the elimination diet and eat what my stomach can handle for now, get it calmed down, and try foods again. Any suggestions and help though would be greatly appreciated!

     Also, how do you keep from giving into temptations? I am struggling with the thought of having to bake/cook again more and all the time it takes and I don’t have. I  need connivance but yet don’t have a lot of money to spend and I still want connivance in things like having bread to make sandwiches etc. It is so hard to do it on such a tight budget (time and money wise) and with all the food of my family around me!? I will need to be GF, dairy-free, and sugar-free at least and actually more restricted than that if I stay on the elimination diet (which I think I should do?)



  1. I totally understand how you feel and I’m sorry you’re having so many issues. Chronic issues can be so frustrating because no one seems to have the answers. I don’t have any advice right now, but I’m right there with you (I was WAY off the bandwagon today too) and rooting for you!

  2. I so understand where you are right now. I too have fibromyalgia and IBS. I also struggle with following a diet that makes me feel my best which is really crazy because why would I not stick with something that makes me feel good?

    I have found that if I eat a whole foods diet-basically all natural, nothing refined or processed with no sugar or HFCS I feel my best. Of course this diet takes planning and organization and sometimes I’m just don’t want to do that.

    I’ve hit a wall recently with how I’m feeling and I know I have to just do it, start putting myself first and loving myself enough to take care of myself. It’s all about self love.

  3. I have a suggestion for you that will take a little time and a little money but may really, really help. I have developed gluten free sourdough recipes around my own food allergies. I have combined old fashioned sourdough techniques with gluten free seed and grain flours and have come up with excellent, delicious breads, muffins and pancakes. They are also free of dairy, eggs, soy, yeast, sweeteners, gums and baking powder. Very suitable for sensitive digestions.

    I have posted a free download of the starter recipe plus pancake recipe:

    I was very sick for a long time with no energy and little resources. It is possible to get well and get your life back. I’m proof of that. It’s hard to find the right practitioners and the right next steps but it is possible if you stick with it.

    My starter and pancake recipe are pretty simple and don’t take much time while my bread recipes are a goodly bit of work, but well worth it.

    My complete, and continually growing recipe book, Art of Gluten Free Sourdough Baking, is available in pdf and print form on my website,

    Keep the faith, you can get well!

    sharon a. kane

  4. Sorry things are rough once again in the food department. I am sure it must get so frustrating for you. What about just going raw for a while? I don’t know anything about it but maybe it would work for you? Although I guess you have veggies and fruits you can’t tolerate either huh? Hope you can figure it out. Are you able to make it to work and function okay?

    Thinking of you.

  5. I have struggled with IBS too. I also have been recently trying to eat better as well. It is a challenge and there are times it is hard. It is also hard if you are cooking for other people. I am not sure if you are eating meat. If you are I find making a role up with a slice of chicken or turkey with bell peppers, and some avocado. Make several of these, and it helps a lot. You can also eat guacomole and cooked chicken breasts. Tomato juice, and a few nuts for a snack. I also eat a lot of Greek yogurt. Sometimes yogurt is considered dairy free because it doesn’t have any lactate, but you can look into that as well. You may also look at the GAPS diet. That may give you some suggestions.

  6. Emily

    As far as staying on track it is tough. What works for me is to try and plan ahead. So if I know I am going out to eat then I will have a light lunch so that i can splurge later. I try to stick to portion sizes. If I am still hungry then I snack on popcorn or fruit or Diet soda. I know you are dealing with health issues and I am dealing with weight, but perhaps you can find something that works for you.

    Getting on the scales keep me honest with myself. I often wonder if those ladies behind the scales are going to make a comment, but they never do. They just say with a straight face, you are up a little. And then when you get back on track they are just as excited as your are.

    Plus the meetings provide encouragement for me to stick with it. I have “Fat Thursdays” this is the day that I weigh in and after wards I treat myself to a donut or some candy.

    During the week when I want something I ask myself “is it really worth it”. Some times it is and other times I find a substitution for what I am craving.

    I also try to make sure I am getting in my fruit and veggie servings.

    As for your elimination diet, I don’t think your body will suffer if for a few weeks you are limited in the foods you are eating. Think about little kids who are picky eaters and will only eat a few foods and they still continue to grow.

    Another thing that can work when you are craving something is to do a diversion. Go for a walk, call a friend, take a bath do a hobby. Anything not food related to get your mind off food.

    Stick with it, you will get this figured out.

  7. I’m sorry you’re struggling! I find myself in a similar boat very often. I am able to stick with my no gluten, dairy, and sugar diet now (I only cheat on accident for the most part), but I have a lot of issues with portion control and making sure to have a varied diet. Try to mix it up a lot. I have a salad everyday, but everyday its different.

    I also find that personally, whenever I’m craving anything, protein does the trick. Even if i’m craving something sweet, I head for protein. I eat a lot of eggs, prepared in a lot of different ways! Or try a handful of nuts and dried fruit as a snack. They’re tasty, and especially so if you’re hungry!

    Keep at it, you’re really truly doing well! (Awareness in itself is a HUGE accomplishment! :))

    ~Aubree Cherie

  8. Adriana, I hope you feel better soon! Have you heard of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) or looked into it? People who haven’t found relief via just gluten-free get better following SCD. It’s much stricter than a gluten-free diet, since it eliminates all grains, starches, and the only sweetener allowed is honey, and it may sound tough but once you get into it, it is easy – I know from experience. SCD was originally designed to treat celiac disease, but it’s worked for other gastrointestinal or autoimmune disorders.

    Almost all the recipes on my blog are SCD. I also have some SCD cookbook titles I could recommend to you, if you’re interested. If you are interested, email me to let me know!


  9. Ashley

    Hey, I just stumbled across you site and read this post. It sounds like you and I are two peas in a pod. My doctor put me on the anti inflammatory diet, there is a cookbook called the anti inflammatory diet and recipe book by Dr. Jessica Black. All of the recipes are gf, df, corn free, potato free, soy free, sugar free, caffeine free. There are a lot of good recipes in there that are full of good nutrition. I have my bad days where I eat something I shouldn’t but I remember how good it feels to eat allergen free foods. Usually that is what keeps me on track. For my IBS specifically I take prebiotics.

  10. I can DEFINITELY relate with you!!! For the past 8-10 years I struggled with many different health problems; and the number of problems just seemed to keep growing. Having always been a healthy person, it was very discouraging to be young and have so many health issues. I went to different doctors, and each prescribed different medicine for each of my different symptoms. I was on something for depression, insomnia, endometriosis. And I also struggled with chronic fatigue, IBS, unexplained weight gain, brain fog, back/neck aches and pain, and a few others. I won’t go into a lot of detail (you can read more about my journey on my blog if you want:…..but I finally found a doctor who was able to look at ALL of my symptoms and find the underlying problem. …..YEAST. Around the time all these symptoms started 10 years ago, I was put on antibiotics for acne, and I was on them for over 2 years. Apparently, my body created an overgrowth of yeast due to the prolonged antibiotic usage.

    I have been on a candida-free (yeast-free) lifestyle for the past 3 1/2 months (along with Diflucan for a bit….a medication to KILL the yeast already there; and a 7-strain probiotic to promote good bacteria). And I feel like a different person!!!! In that short time, my energy went from about 35%/day to about 75%/day, my depression is almost eliminated, I have no more endometriosis pain at all, my muscle aches are gone, I’ve lost 27 pounds, and I feel amazing!!! It’s been a challenging way of eating to get used to, but the results have been SO worth it!

    I don’t know if this would be an option for you. But it may explain why DF/GF/SF foods seem to help you, but your symptoms are still there and never leave. ??? Anyway, I hope you feel better soon. I didn’t think I’d ever feel “normal” again. But I do. And it’s great! I hope you can find that same kind of relief.

  11. I should have mentioned……since there are so many “candida-free” diets out there (most still have candida foods included in them… gluten-free flours, honey, or agave nectar), the one I’m following can be found on

  12. I have struggled with a lot of the same issues you are dealing with. I found I had candida…. It has been a long haul but I am finally feeling human again. My headaches are gone, my bladder problem is mostly gone, I have normal bowel movements, my digestive issues are almost gone. I am still following the candida cleanse diet but things are looking up.

    Candida can cause a lot of problems and I seemed to have many of them.
    Check out my candida blog.

    • Terry-That is something I have looked into before. And I’m not ruling out but will keep in the back of my mind for future use. 🙂 Thanks—:) Ari

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