Mini Update: Elimination Diet

Hello all! I thought I would just pop-in really quick and let you know how the elimination diet is going……I had a set-back in that I was reacting to most of what I ate that was in phase 1- the hypo-allergenic list. :O So, I ended up starting over kind of. First, I just started with brown rice. That’s it. That’s all I ate for two meals. No salt/spices. Boring I know, but it helped my stomach calm down and let me know that yes, I definitely do fine with brown rice. Then I added lentils (brown/green) with no salt/spices. And I’ve been doing fine with those too. I’ve added good quality sea salt to them now too (just a little) which helps. I’ve tried to add in berries but haven’t had much luck so far. I did add in a mango tonight and was pleased to find I didn’t have any reactions! 🙂 Yeah! 🙂 So, know I know I can eat brown rice, brown lentils, and mangoes, and sea salt. As discouraging as that may sound (and was at first), I am actually ok with it because I am feeling much better! 🙂 I’ve eaten only brown rice and lentils for the past few days pretty much (for every meal/snack) but it’s actually started to become a comfort food for me. At first, I didn’t think that I could do it and didn’t like the lentils without spices (I had previously used cumin and turmeric) but now this food has become a comfort food because it feels good to my stomach!

I will continue to add in phase one foods one at a time and try them repeatedly too (especially if I notice any reactions) before moving on to another food…so this is going to be a lot longer process than I thought, but I am excited about the journey!

Oh, and two more things:
My aunt told me that fruit shouldn’t be eaten with other foods (it disrupts digestion) and I think that’s true for me….any one else heard of that?

And lastly, I eat a lot more frequently than I used to, but I figure, it’s ok since this is all my body is eating and I only eat when I am hungry. 🙂



  1. Wow, I am impressed with your patience! I think that was my problem too…I got discouraged because a lot of my symptoms never went away. I think there were too many things I was still reacting too. Kudos on being able to stick with it and add in one at a time!

    I’ve heard that about fruit too, although I’ve never been able to stick with the ideas of food combining. Too restrictive for me.

  2. The fruit being eaten separately idea probably comes from the book Fit for Life – it’s a book all about how different foods should be combined. I did the Fit for Life diet for a while in college and lost a lot of weight, but found it very restrictive and I’m not sure I buy the “science” behind it. They also said you should eat nothing but fruit before noon, and then no fruit for the rest of the day.

    Good luck with your elimination diet. It sound frustrating, but it also sounds like you’re maintaining a very positive attitude about it. Good for you!

  3. …about the fruit thing…

    The Windrose Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine in Spokane Washington conducts some really great testing in which they tell you exactly which food combinations do not work together for you. For some, it is grains that cannot be eaten within 6 hours of eating fruit. for me, I am not supposed to eat certain types of sugars within 6 hours of eating fruit. For others, it may be dairy and some other food. The test is called, the Carroll Food Intolerance Analysis. Although this web site looks a little hokey, the information on it is great:

    I hope it helps you in your quest to feel good.


  4. I just started a cleanse this week and I too am following the elimination diet. Follow my blog to see how I’m doing.

    Yes, fruit should only be eaten by itself, or with fresh greens (i.e. green smoothies). Fruit is very easily digested, only takes about 30 minutes to leave the stomach, but when it is combined with foods that are harder to digest it begins to ferment in the stomach. This cause gas and bloating.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs to see how the rest of your elimination diet went. And it looks like you have some great recipes!


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