Green Smoothie Cleanse of the Elimination Diet

Well, I finally started the elimination diet. I struggled with this phase of the diet though. I did it for about 1.5 days because I was feeling very sick (and my blender stopped working etc) so I decided to move on to phase one yesterday night after doing it for 1.5 days. I actually wasn’t able to use my blender at all in the first place because when I got it out to use it, I discovered the motor had broken. So I ended up using my parent’s juicer which worked well but I feel like I missed out on some of the ingredients that make it more of a smoothie. (I put it on the lowest setting so that not much would be taken out, but I still worry) and I drank those for a while from that. Then my dad took it apart and didn’t put it back together (and I couldn’t figure out how to do so) so that is when I gave up. So the moral of the story is this: make sure you have a good blender that works and that it’s ready for smoothies at anytime. It was the nausea and extreme hunger that left me to move onto phase 1 before my full time was up.  I even used Tom’s suggestion and had some apples and pears raw but that didn’t help much. (He suggested one but I was so sick and hungry I had about 4 or 5…and it still didn’t help.)

I found the following information very helpful and thought I would share it. It works well for adults (myself) too. 🙂 PURPLE green smoothie: “I just wanted to share a trick that I’ve discovered for getting my 7yo daughter to drink green smoothies – I use a little less apple and add ~1cup of frozen blueberries and 2cups of frozen raspberries. She’s less suspicious since this concoction looks so similar to the blueberry smoothies I used to make for her before we went on the elimination diet. I have to share that I am now on day 3 of the elimination diet, and I actually craved a green (or purple in our case) smoothie this morning! This surprised me, because after drinking them for 2 days solid during the cleanse – I thought I wouldn’t want them anymore.”- A comment from talkinglikerain

Here are some other links to elimination diet smoothies….I’d suggest starting with the super antioxidant smoothie or Tom’s Medicine Chest Smoothie.

Tom’s Fruity Medicine Chest Smoothie

Winter Green Smoothie

Spring Green Smoothie

Super Antioxidant Smoothie


How about you? Have you done this before for the elimination diet or a similar idea? What helped you make it through? What smoothies did you like?



  1. I’m excited to see how the progress goes for you. I hope to do the diet at some point, although right now isn’t a good time in my life to tackle it.

    Props to you for hitting it head on! I know it’ll be a challenge, but I’m sure you’re up for it 🙂

    ~Aubree Cherie

    • Aww……thanks Aubree! You’re such a sweet heart! 🙂

  2. LOVE Green Smoothies! I drink them every day sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

    I have not gone on a detox but I do add parslet, and celery to my smoothies.

    Come see our forum and, recipes and videos at Feel free to post this with links back here at

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