The True Meaning of The Frugally Rich Life…..

Hello there everyone.


About a week ago, I was pondering some things and realized that I am not spending my time with what is really important—-my family, friends, schooling, and my faith (God and my religion.) I have felt this way for some time but have been able to shake it off and ignore it. So I decided to make some changes. My life would not be so rich without those that I love and without the faith that I believe in. I have been living a frugally “poor” life which has not been as full of true happiness.—the things that make me the happiest and the most rich. But all of this does not come without work. I need to spend the time nourishing them whether they be relationships or personal self work, etc. My family, friends, religion, and God are the things I know that are what truly make me happy and allow me personally to live the “Frugally Rich Life” at home and on the web. If I don’t spend time nourishing others and my soul with those things that are the most important needs in my life, then my life is not rich. It is only skin deep, My happiness is only deep in my heard when I follow God and nourish and strengthen my family relationships. that is the true meaning of the “Frugally Rich Life” —find ding what makes my life (and yours) rich and for me, it’s my family and my beliefs in God. I also believe in frugality (not spending a lot of money, being careful with it, etc etc) -yes- but it never had occurred to me that being frugal could also mean being frugal with my TIME! Time is money they say or time is of the essence. Well it is! It is one of the gifts we have been given as human beings here on earth. We must choose how to use it. We should spend the vast majority of our time on what is truly important and truly makes us fell like are lives are rich (and I’m not talking about dollar bills!)! 🙂 I know realize  that I need to reevaluate my life and do what is most important.


So, I focused on that a lot this week. And that is why I didn’t post anything. I am still planning on posting a lot, but don’t give up on me if I’m not posting for a few days, weeks, or months (usually never months!) , but know I’m working on the above and will be back with more fun recipes! 🙂


Oh and in other news, I finally ordered the elimination diet cookbook and will be starting the diet asap (as soon as I can get to the store).



  1. This is a wonderful post, Ariana, and it echoes some of my own recent thoughts. Along a similar vein, I was contemplating if blogging actually brings one closer to others (or just provides an illusion of connection) or perhaps causes us to distance ourselves from the real life people in our lives. Lots to think about! 🙂

    • Avivah! Aww thanks! I appriciate it! It is a lot to think about and I liked what you said about real life people and if blogging brings us closer to others…..that gives me a lot to think about too. 🙂

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