Elimination Diet??? and sugar…..and a plea for your suggestions/tips! :)

I realize now that sugar definitely affects me….. a lot. I knew I would be going on an elimination diet soon and I wouldn’t be eating dairy/sugar for a long long time if not ever again, I decided to be really bad..and..well, ordered a reese’s pb/chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake etc.and it tasted good at first and then it didn’t taste so great anymore…because I realized my tastes have changed…and I don’t even like that stuff anymore really…and I, almost immediately, felt sick to my stomach also and got a headache…and then I also was craving more sugar….even though I felt sick! Ugh! I’m so ready for the elimination diet info and to get started on this! I’m planning on following the elimination diet from www.nourishingmeals.com, specifically http://www.nourishingmeals.com/2010/01/elimination-and-detoxification-diet-its.html

I’m just waiting very impatiently for the cookbook to arrive that I ordered today. :)  Has anyone else done the elimination diet from them or a similar one?

I’m sure it’ll be challenging and a lot of the phase one foods I am going to have to remove because I know I have possible issues with them too….so this will be interesting….to say the least! I like all of these foods…but they don’t like me…I’ll have to wait to test them later…


  • I know I have huge issues with sugar (even maple syrup, honey, agave, etc, and possibly stevia???—stevia…I still overeat sometimes??)
  • I’ve had issues with spinach everytime I’ve tried it…I keep wanting to eat it…but I always have problems
  • Onions, and possibly garlic are also no-no’s for me…..
  • I’ve had problems with apples, especially apple peels in the past….been doing ok with it though….not sure what I am going to do about that…..
  • Broccoli and calliflower (especially broccoli) both bother me.

So it looks like….I’ll be living off of…umm……let’s see….umm… ORGANIC EVERYTHING…hopefully…..as though I’m always wary of that….b/c it is so expensive….Ali says that “

And besides organic? what exactly will I be eating?

Well, the first two days are supposed to be exclusively a green smoothie cleanse. I’m just not sure how exactly I’m going to do that….since…..1. I don’t own a vita mix….2. I don’t own a very powerful blender….3.My current blender will leave chunks of lettuce throughout my drink……yuck…..4. I don’t (and neither do my parents who I am staying with for the summer while I’m on “vacation” from school) have a lot of muhlah to cast out for a new one especially with having to buy the cookbook and the organic food……Any suggestions? We have juicer but that kinda ruins the purpose…..I think.

After that……I will be eating in phase one at least…. (or at least this is what is allowed from the list on their site):

1. Brown Rice/Wild Rice

2. Quinoa (I tried this once…but didn’t like it….I think I didn’t rinse it….so I’m hoping I’ll like it now)

3.Amarath—-if I can find it….I’ve never even seen that before


5. Apples?

6. Pears


8. Nectarines

9. Plums

10. Apricots

11. Berries (except strawberries)

12. Cherries


14. Figs (dried or fresh)

15. Mango

16. Kale, collard greens (Are these the same thing? I’ve never had either…and wondering if I would have a reaction like spinach??)

17. Lettuce- I love Romaine (of late)

18. Dandelion greens (really??)

19. bok choy (what? I’ve never eaten this before)

20. Cabbage—can’t say I’m a fan…but hey, maybe I’ll develop new tastes!

21. Parsley

22. Cilantro—um…no..I don’t like…

23.Sprouts (all types) but what does that mean? ??

24.Brussel sprouts (again, never had these before?) Worried that they might bother me…)

25.Beets (hmm…never had these except for canned and then even then….shall I meet a new favorite??)

26. Carrots (yeah! 🙂 I’ve had problems with raw before though! 😦 should I leave out??)

27. Parsnips (I actually do know what these are…thank you, very much! 🙂 I tried these a while back…yum!!)

28. Winter Squash (all types!) YEAH! Did you know butternut squash is my favorite food!!!??? And I’m a huge fan of spaghetti squash too…

29. Yams and sweet potatoes (yUm!!!)

30. Avocados (Yum…new found love last summer)

31. Ginger (ugh…not the hugest fan, but ok)

32. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds (and their butters…sound interesting…I’ll be for sure trying their butters at least…as I can’t live without some form of “nut”ish butter…..)

33. Pine Nuts (Can’t say I’ve really had these…they must not be really nuts…)

34. Mung and Adzuki beans (I’ve never heard of or eaten these…any suggestions?)

35. Lentils (my newfound love via last summer)

36. wakame,kombu, nori  and seaweed and dulse flakes

(I’ve never heard of any of these really….I mean I’ve heard of seaweed but never really eaten any)

37. Fresh herbs??? (If’y on the is Ari’s body ok with this or not??? scale)

38. Coconut Milk (YEs! YUM)!

39. Dried Coconut (YES!!!)

40. Coconut Oil (YES!) and Olive Oil (ok…I haven’t developed a taste for this yet…I know, I know, I’m weird…)

41.Kudzu? What is this ?

42. GF Arrowroot (like cornstarch I supposse?)

43.Small amounts of guar gum (interesting…I thought that causes intestinal problems for people???)

And what can’t I eat? 😦 :

-gluten grains and their flours (wheat,
spelt, kamut, rye, barley)
-bread (even gluten-free)
-flour (even gluten-free flours)
-dairy products (including goat’s milk) SAD
-eggs 😦
-soy products (tamari, miso, tofu,
tempeh, soy milk, soy protein powder,
soy lecithin)
-corn (remember cornstarch)
-nightshade vegetables (potatoes,
tomatoes, peppers, eggplant)
-pineapple, papaya
-citrus fruits
-kiwi fruit, bananas
-all tree nuts and peanuts
-all beans (except for mung, lentil,
-sesame seeds
-refined sugar
-alcohol (no problem there)

-caffeine- including no coffee or tea (not a problem)

-chocolate  SAD
-vanilla extract SAD
-vinegar (all types)

So does anyone have any suggestions, tips, recipes, etc? I need all the help I can get!!!

Why am I doing this again!? So I can find out once and for all, what bothers me (and what doesn’t), and what makes me the healthiest I can be and if sickness/problems I have go away if I don’t eat certain foods….

Ok…well leave me all the help you can and wish me luck! I’ll be starting it asap…as soon as I can possibly get my hands on that book and also as soon as I can figure out what to do about my dying blender……..any tips or help on that would be greatly appreciated too!




  1. Bern

    Hi there,

    I can relate to you. After eating strictly gluten and dairy free for 2 years, towards the end of last year I was plagued by irritable bowel symptoms and feeling generally lethargic and depressed. I tried going on a raw vegan diet as a desperate attempt at feeling healthy again but felt even worse.

    I stumbled across fructose malabsorbtion in a gluten free recipe book and after some research into the symptoms ect. became convinced I might have it. While you can do breath tests to diagnose this condition, I was advised against this (apparently they can give false negative results) and refered to a dietition in my area with a special interest in fructose malabsorbtion. I went on an elimination diet and despite missing out on so many of my favorite foods (love my fruit and veg) I feel sooooo much better when I stick to the diet properly.

    I started reading your post and immediately thought of fructmal, especially when you mentioned your problem foods, they are all nono’s in the fructose malabsorbtion diet. I would strongly advise against trialing the elimination diet you mention as it includes many of the fructmal problem foods (such as pears, brown rice, cabbage). Do a bit of research into fructose malabsorbtion first, and see if you think this may be your problem.

    Here’re some places to start:

    If you suspect you might have fructose malabsorbtion, I would reccomend joining this group – http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/fructose_malabsorption_australia/
    as there is heaps of research papers, food lists ect in the files section, and the group is great for sharing experiences and asking questions.

    Fructose malabsorbtion is a new concept in the food intolerance world, and because not many doctors know about it (mine didn’t), it’s apparently very underdiagnosed.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


    • Bern—–Thanks so much for the info. I’ll have to look into this at some point! -Ari

  2. Emily

    Okay so I just started to follow your blog because currently I’m a student with gluten/dairy/soy intolerances and I’ve been going through random “hmm maybe this is whats wrong with me” things for the past 2 years and your blog sounded interesting and fairly pertinent in my life. I also follow Ali’s blog and LOVE IT. She’s amazing and knows her stuff.
    As for recommendations… I’m starting to think that allllll my food intolerances an GI issues are related back to Candida. Its a yeast infection in your gut. Google it, its remarkable what people are saying it does.
    Anyway, you asked about recommendations…
    Collard greens and Kale are DELICIOUS and don’t taste anything like Spinach. I don’t know if they are in the same family, so I don’t know if you would still be bothered by them. I personally LOOOOOVE Kale chips (again, simple recipe and you can make them with olive oil, salt and pepper so they are safe for that first phase).
    Also, as for the bender… If you’re near a big city or can find a thrif store in an affluent part of town- look there before giving up hope for a vitamix or blender. My roommate got a kitchenaid industrial mixer for 100 bucks. (they’re normally close to 400). Also, try craig’s list or Half.com

    Good luck!

    • Emily-
      Thanks for commenting! I love how the blogosphere connects all of us. You’re a college student too? 🙂 I agree, Ali’s blog is amazing! I know I’m not quite as good, but I’m glad you follow me too. 🙂 I also avoid soy (if you didn’t know that). Thank you for all your suggestions. The reason I am not doing the anti-candidia diet at this time is because I tried it last year and I couldn’t do it. So many restrictions…and no sweet stuff….not even fruit. I am going to give this one a try for now and we’ll see about anti-candidia if needed in the future…it’s a good one to keep in mind though, so thanks! And good tips for the blender too…I hadn’t thought of all those! Ari

  3. Hey Ari,

    I have a lot of recipes on my blog from doing the elimination diet. I hope it works for you! I just realized broccoli is a killer for me too. Ate some yesterday and my stomach is still killing me today!

    The one suggestion I have is that you might want to add more protein in sooner than suggested. I think that was the biggest reason I had so much trouble with the cravings. I’ve now cut out sugar (except for fruit) and dairy (except for yogurt) and I’m not having those crazy cravings I did during the elimination diet, I think because I still have a lot of other options and because I’m trying to get a lot of protein in.

    • Hey Iris—-
      Thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate it (even when I don’t reply, trust me I do!) 🙂 Interesting about the protein, I was thinking I might need to add some meat protien or something in too sooner….Ali suggests salmon I think…And thanks for the note about the elimination diet recipes on your blog……I actually have all of them saved already…as I knew I would be doing this in the future! 🙂 -Love, Ari

  4. Send me an email, I think I have some tips and suggestions. Let me know the area you live in, as that affects what you can get and where for a good price! Also, you don’t note meat or seafood on the can or can’t list and I know Ali isn’t vegetarian, but are you or does the first phase suggest it?

    Also, I have a $15 blender from Walmart and it works great! No big chunks. Make sure your smoothie is thick enough though. Don’t throw all of the water or liquid in all at once. Throw the solids in with just enough liquid to cover the blades and pulse to break it up. If it is too thick to blend, just gradually add water until it is just able to start blending. Once smooth, add liquid to your desired consistency. You may have specks left, but no chunks. Email me!

    • I’m in the process of shooting you an email now! 🙂

  5. I eat a very similar diet to the one you’re embarking on, except I can’t eat fruit either (I’m slowly adding it back in, though, hooray!).

    To address a few of your questions, spinach is in a totally different family than kale and collards, which are actually relatives of broccoli.

    I used to have trouble digesting broccoli, and would get terrible stomach cramps when I ate it. I eat tons of cruciferous vegetables now (the broccoli family) with no reaction. I suspect it has to do with organic vs. non-organic. When I cook (organic) broccoli myself, I’m fine, but when I eat it in a restaurant (on RARE occasions), I still get the upset stomach.

    I love Ali’s website, and her recipes are fantastic. When I had to stop eating gluten, dairy, soy, all forms of sugar (including honey, maple syrup, and fruit), vinegar, alcohol, and mushrooms, I stumbled across the allergy-friendly food bloggers.

    I recommend looking into the recipes at blogs like these:

    Diet, Dessert, and Dogs (www.dietdessertndogs.com)
    Affairs of Living (www.affairsofliving.com)
    Gluten, Dairy, and Sugarfree (www.gluten-dairy-sugarfree.com)
    The Spunky Coconut (www.thespunkycoconut.com)

    Also, look at their blogrolls to find what they read. Some of their recipes don’t conform to the elimination diet at Ali’s website, but most are pretty easily adaptable to it.

    Good luck!

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