Cornmeal Banana Biscuits

Biscuts 005

(Topped with natural peanut butter 🙂 )


I just tried this recipe from Happy Herbivore tonight. This is really a recipe review but I wanted to change the name for what I thought was a better title in my version. :)  Why? Because there is a light-hint of banana taste and cornmeal goodness throughout. Lindsay is a wonderful cook and I love her recipes. This is just one of the few. Try her others out at her site.


Anyway, here is what I used and did.


  • ½ cup cornmeal
  • ½ cup whole wheat flour (or use GF blend)
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ½ whole banana (or a small banana- as I used)
  • ¼ + 2 T. sweet milk or non-dairy sweet milk

Preheat your oven for 425 F.  Mix all dry ingredients together in a food processor. Add banana and mix until crumbly. Add milk and process again in the food processor. Scoop onto a greased cookie sheet. Cook for 7  mins. Serve warm, topped with your favorite condiment such as a nut butter, or jam.


Thanks again Lindsay!


  1. These biscuits were also on Meatless Monday a while back and they renamed them Maple-Cornbread Biscuits. I guess no one likes my literal name for them!

    Anyway thanks for the shout out — and I really like your picture.

    • Oh man! Sorry that we keep changing the name…I changed it too because I didn’t have maple syrup on hand! 🙂

  2. SunButter Lover

    I have over-ripened bananas and cornmeal on hand, so I am definately going to try these. I’ll “frost” them with SunButter, tho. Thanks for the idea.

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