Free Audio Book and Song-Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland!

Hello there! So here goes my first real post on my site….and it’s for a FREE product. With the new Alice and Wonderland coming out, why not download this free copy of Alice In Wonderland and play it for your kiddos (or yourself!)  Then when you are done, you can watch the old versions of Alice in Wonderland and then wait for the movie to come out on DVD (since it is much more frugal to rent or borrow from a friend.)  But all the time you spend listening and watching the old versions should take you some time anyway, so why not wait and enjoy the movie more frugally and also be able to enjoy the book!!! 🙂 I can also see this used easily as a homeschooling project…..anyway, enjoy! and be sure to download by March 16th!

Also, get a free download of Alice’s Theme to put you in the mood!



  1. The kids have been enjoying watching a few shows on hulu – thanks for letting us know about the site. Since we don’t have a tv it is nice to find stuff via internet. We love the masterpiece theater productions too. Have you checked them out? Emma has been our favorite so far! Have you seen it?

    Look forward to some great ideas on your blog! Visit me too :). I need some more visitors. Actually, why don’t you become a follower too! 🙂 I posted today my recipe for flour tortillas.

    Love you.

    Aunt Judi 🙂

    • Ariana Anderson

      I haven’t checked out the masterpiece theater productions. Where do you find those? I’ll be adding you as a follower/ subscribe to your feed or something…I am also thinking about coming up with a list of blogs I like to place on my site… you’ll be on it. 🙂 The flour tortillas look yummy! Makes me want to make some. 🙂

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