Blueberry Breakfast Cake

October-Nov 2009 Fall 102

I am so excited about this recipe! Do you know why? Because I made it completely up myself. I didn’t look at one other recipe. I just threw things in together and it worked! 🙂 And it’s even delicious! So delicious, that I’m afraid I ate both of the two versions within the day I made them! 🙂

Version One: Pictured here and above

Version Two: 

October-Nov 2009 Fall 112October-Nov 2009 Fall 114


So you want the recipe now do you? Looks good, doesn’t it? 🙂 And guess what? It is really healthy for you too!

Here’s the recipe:


2 eggs

1/3 + cup  applesauce (you want it slightly overflowing)

1/3 cup agave (or honey, but I would suggest agave, as I used)

1 T. butter or earth balance, melted

1 c. previously cooked/prepared oat* groats  or 1 c. cooked oatmeal (I used oat groats. It gives it more of a chewier texture. If you do use oatmeal, do not use quick oats. Try steel cut and make sure that they are broken up with a spoon after you cook them and before you add them to the recipe.)

*Note: Those with celiac should only consume GF certified oats/ oat groats

1 c. flour (Whole grain GF mixes should work great here, as does whole wheat flour)

1 T. baking soda

1/4 t. salt

1 c. blueberries, fresh or frozen (it is not necessary to thaw them if they are frozen before putting them in the recipe)



Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.

Mix all ingredients together starting with the liquids first and then adding in the dry ingredients.  Next add the blueberries.

Pour into a greased round cake pan or a greased square pan.

Bake at 350 for 35 mins.

Serves 8.

Variation (Version 2)

Mix 1/4-1/2  c. shredded coconut (preferably unsweetened), 1 T. melted butter/earth balance, and about 2 tsp. agave together. Crumble over the top of the cake. Bake.


Wondering what oat groats are?

“oat groats = whole oat groats = whole oats  Notes:  Oat groats are minimally processed–only the outer hull is removed.  They’re very nutritious, but they’re chewy and need to be soaked and cooked a long time.  Substitutes: wheat berries”- From this source

This recipe is being submitted for Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays. See more great recipes here!


  1. I guess I've just been craving blueberries lately, and all my food blogs are posting recipes for blueberries! Amazing. And this looks amazing. As soon as I can eat blueberries again, this is ON MY LIST!!!! I'm so impressed with the no-recipe baking, too!

  2. Wow, that looks wonderful–both versions! True success does mean not being able to resist one's own baked goods. 😉 How cool that you just threw things together intuitively and it worked!Thanks for the recipes!Shirley

  3. Way to go! I love when I make up a recipe and it actually works!


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