Gluten-Free Bread and Bread Recipe Exchange

Hello there! How many of you have spent countless hours, wasted money, and frustration trying to make a perfect gluten-free bread loaf. You try a bread recipe online only to find it comes out like a brick, falls apart, or it just plain disgusting. You’ve been there? Me too! Several times you say? Me too!

So, I had this amazing idea last night as I was trying to fall asleep. Why don’t we do a gluten-free bread recipe exchange. Post your favorite recipe with the title of it, (as a link if you can) for gluten-free bread and why you like it. Also, please include if it is also dairy-free, sugar-free, or free of any other common allergens. (Or if it can be alerted to be and be sure to list how on the actual recipe)

For example:

  • This is my favorite gluten-free bread. It comes out every time. It’s light and fluffy and just like mom’s homemade wheat white bread….
  • This is my favorite recipe because it is whole grain, sugar-free, etc. It has a pleasant taste and texture….
  • This is mine because……. it’s gluten and casein free……
  • This is mine because…….it’s low fat…….
  • These are just a few ideas/examples to get you started… Hey if you like it because it’s purple let us know. Any legitimate reason is fine! 🙂

P.S. It does not have to be a recipe you created (but it can be). For example, the recipes for breads on my site are from other sources as mentioned. It’s just great to have a recipe that works and to know someone else has tried it and finds it works well too!

Also, this was my original idea too but I’m wondering how many people would be willing to actually send a sample of their bread to everyone else somehow and we can all taste tests the breads and find out which we like best. I’m not sure how this would work but if someone has an idea about how to do it, let me know. 🙂 It sure would be neat! It would be really neat to to in the end vote and decide who has the BEST Gluten-Free bread recipe!

Like this idea? Please tweet about it, facebook it, mention it on your blogs. The more contributors we have the better are results will be!


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